On insiders and outsiders

A few of my posts here recently have been talking about the question of insiders and outsiders in archaeology. Its difficult to find the right language. A speaker at the #instruarch debate said he would explode with rage at the term ‘amateurs’. People are uncomfortable with the terms ‘professionals’ and ‘non-professionals’. Are there people who are not archaeologists?

Here’s a call for participation for anyone at all, to answer that question. Archaeologists, non-archaeologists, professionals, academics, students. The organisers are particularly keen to have global representation, so pass it on

have a look over here


One thought on “On insiders and outsiders

  1. Just to say, I’m an amateur and a non-professional and don’t mind being called either of those because I think of myself as better than that! When it comes to the archaeological resource I instinctively feel I’m a stakeholder, and in fact since that’s a rather awkward term, an owner.

    Once that’s understood one can’t feel outranked or amateur as one is a central player ex officio – much like one feels when visiting a doctor!

    This notion may well explain why Heritage Activist folk come across as a bit bolshy. Moaners without a full grasp of the practicalities. It’s a fair description, but owners are entirely entitled to be moaners!

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